Will Rollo Join Ragnar’s Sons In Their England Raid?

One of the most hated and loved characters I have ever seen hit my screen, Rollo came into the scene as a character who probably didn’t have too many supporters.

In the early episode he essentially rapes a  girl, tries forcing himself on his brother’s wife and then finally betrays Ragnar and his family.

However, later he is forgiven and works enormously hard to regain his friends and families trust, and as a result, we grew to love him.


After succeeding though everything was moving well before the opportunity to betray his family and people on an unforgivable scale arose once again.

He now has married the king of Francia’s daughter, has had children with her (just after doing a little background research on them, they as well as their descendants will do great things) and is now in charge of his own kingdom.

But despite his treachery, he still craves the ways of his people and the urge to raid was so great, he joined Bjorn Ironside in his venture of the Mediterranean.

Will Rollo Join Ragnar’s Sons In Their England Raid
Will Rollo Join Ragnar’s Sons In Their England Raid

His craving for battle and glory still burns deep inside him, and now with his brother gone, I assume he too feels the need to avenge his brother’s killer.

Despite Rollo’s betrayal, it looks as if he still feels love for his people and his family, this was especially evident when he told them that they are all welcome in his kingdom, when Ironside returned him to his home.

We know Rollo is an incredible warrior and leader, but now he also has an army at his disposal too, with more advanced military weapons than the Vikings have, which we saw in the previous Paris raids.

Also, Floki mentions to Ironside that he has a feeling that Rollo will become more famous than Bjorn in the future, and what way to become more notorious than through a vengeful battle in England in the name of his famous brother.

Will Rollo Join Ragnar’s Sons In Their England Raid
Will Rollo Join Ragnar’s Sons In Their England Raid

The French and England have historically fought numerous times, so there might even be distaste towards them by the French, which could act as further motivation.

I myself believe that there is a high possibility that Rollo will play a big part in the events to come, whether it is in England, through Ivar’s ambitions to claim everything or even through even both.

Either way, I doubt Rollo will allow his brother’s death to just go unnoticed and I assume he will make at least an attempt to be involved in some way, in the sons of Ragnar’s revenge against the English.

Whether it’s with an army of his own or just himself on the battlefield, his presence, in general, will make a difference.

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