The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia Review

The Seven Deadly Sins, one of the newer Shonen shows that aren't quite part of the big boys of Shonen Jump but being in another magazine altogether.

The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia Review
The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia Review

The Seven Deadly Sins, one of the newer Shonen shows that aren’t quite part of the big boys of Shonen Jump but being in another magazine altogether. The series had an anime back in 2014-2015 and a 4 episode mini series in 2016, and the 2nd season is airing right now on Netflix. Anyway, I found the new game for the PS4 in my local games store, as it was one of the games that they felt like they needed to advertise as it had one of the big ‘coming soon’ boxes that takes up a good portion of the shelf at the store. Anyway, I got it and started playing it – let’s begin.

If you watched the 1st season you know the story – but for people who just picked this game up because anime games are what they like – Elizabeth the 3rd princess of the kingdom goes looking for the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of former knights who used to serve the kingdom, but were supposedly plotting to overthrow the kingdom, and their supposed defeat was caused by the Holy Knights who are basically the new kingdom’s guard.


Elizabeth finds Mileotias, who is the captain of the Seven Sins, who bears the sin of wrath and owns the local pub with his pig friend Hawk. The two save Elizabeth and start on their journey to find the other Seven Sins.

Basically, the game covers the first season of the anime and a bit of season 2, but it kind of does a half-assed job of telling it with cutscenes playing out with the models but only moving on a preset animation, and visual novel text coming up.
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Visually the game looks about average for a cell animated game, but after playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, every anime-like game needs to take it up a notch in graphics. As I mentioned before, the animation on almost all the models is a bit of a dance but nothing really else apart from in fights and the opening cutscene when you start up the game. There are also sometimes where the models would go really pixalated on stuff that looked good a moment ago.
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Sound, for the most part, is pretty good. There will be times when your at the Boar’s Hat and the music will have an adventurous vibe to it, and the serious music will be good too. That is until they play it for the hundredth time… it’s like they just got the composer to go in for a few hours and said, could you try and make some music please but not too much.

Voice acting is good as well, with most of the original voice actors from the sub playing who they – are but there is, unfortunately, no dub voice for this game.
Now here’s where things get a bit weird and repetitive.
You have 3 forms of combat-type things:
the sort of hack and slash areas where you fight multiple enemies, and for the record, there are only 5 main enemy types, with some big mini-bosses;
and then there are the oldish school dragon ball fights where it’s you vs one or 2 people with each other supporting, and sometimes you with a support as well.
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Sounds fun? Well, it was for the first few hours, then it just got repetitive and the only real enjoyment I got out of it was the multiplayer matches because I could play them with another person and drag them down in the abyss of this game’s sins.
Then there are these segments were you play as Elizabeth with Hawk the pig, and have to collect things without getting hit and having Hawk defend you with super speed attacks that you can almost instantly respond to, next to you to fire again. There’s also these segments were you play as Daine who is a giant and basically goes on a Godzilla rampage on the arena you’re in.
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Did I mention the camera sucks? For some reason, the camera locks on to the enemy at the beginning of combat and then you have to de-lock on and God knows you’re going to be looking in the other direction before knowing what is going on. There’s also this equipment growth tree, where you upgrade the tree to unlock boosters for your characters, such as more time on the clock and a chance of more traps going off in the fights.

But here’s the thing, you need to do side quests to get the items you need to get the upgrade, and sometimes the upgrades are impossible to get without completing another mission you can’t complete without beating the one for the upgrade you need. There’s also this world hub that you travel on like in Final Fantasy but without the random battles, which lets you find experience crystals that allow you to upgrade the gear as long as you have the item for the upgrade.
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Now, final complaint – most of the game is easy, in fact, I feel like I could give this to most kids who are still learning how to react fast enough to play this game, but then out of nowhere the final boss for the game comes up – you’ve had a nice build-up of how to play, you’re kind of having a good time, and then the final boss has 3/5s extra heath then you do, and has bullshit magic powers that get you with instant transmission speed powers.

For those who are wondering, this was published by the people who made Dark Souls.

Seven Deadly Sins – Dark Souls for kids.

Did I have fun with this?….Debatable.
Do I ever want to play this again? Maybe for the platinum trophy?
Would I recommend this to someone? No, unless they were a pretty hardcore fan for the show or manga.

With that in mind, I give this game a 48/100.

Edited by Judy Peters