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The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274 Official Spoilers

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The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274 Official Spoilers


We are only hours away from The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274 being released and because of that, spoilers have emerged for the upcoming chapter. In addition, these spoilers for Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 274, have been released on Reddit by user NanatsunoTaizai and listed below.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 274 Spoilers

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274

“We’re at the Sky Theater. King asks why Estarossa, a Demon, has Goddess wings, Gowther answers that he never existed and says he’s Mael the Archangel. The latter wonders if this is a nightmare and notices the haircut. Here comes the flashback: We see the long-haired Mael with Tarmiel, Sariel and Elizabeth,” said the spoilers on Reddit.

“It continues with Mael and Ludociel after killing some Grey Demons. The scene is the same as the Estarossa/Meliodas one a few chapters ago (except it’s the Goddesses instead of Demons). Ludociel even adds that he thinks his brother will surpass him.”

“The text says Mael’s brother taught him that killing isn’t a sin, that he has to become the justice that rescues the souls imprisoned in impure cages. Yep, he killed so many Demons. He was eventually nicknamed the Angel of Death and feared by the Demons. He was his brother’s pride and that made him happy. Then he saw Elizabeth’s kiss with Meliodas and was very bothered.”

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 274

“Then a sort of light encircles his head. He says he’s Estarossa. His conscience notices something’s off as he’s Mael. The body says he killed Mael and the soul finds ridiculous the fact that he killed him. The body says he dedicates the victory to his father the Demon King and the soul finds such words very sinful and asks the Supreme Deity for forgiveness. The body cuts his hair so he can be like Meliodas, with the soul trying to stop him to no avail.”

“The soul notices something disappearing: the Sun grace leaves the body. The naked Estarossa(‘s body) was then bestowed the Love decree and the soul wouldn’t be able to be by the Supreme Deity if he receives the decree, and tries to stop him.”

“To no avail again. The body gets the mark and uses darkness to make the clothes we know him to wear before joining the Ten Commandments. The soul thinks all of this is a nightmare, that all of it can’t be true. The last scenes of the flashback are his fight with the Archangels and his choking Elizabeth.”

“Mael shouts out as it ends. And realizes it isn’t a nightmare as his hands felt the killing of thousands of his brethren and the burning of innocent people. He asks who did all this. Gowther says everything is his responsibility and asks him to destroy him.”

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