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‘The Originals’ Star Andrew Lees Reveals His Thoughts On Lucien’s Story

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‘The Originals’ Star Andrew Lees Reveals His Thoughts On Lucien’s Story


Our Oz Comic-Con Interview With Andrew Lees

On Saturday and Sunday, fans flocked to Oz Comic-Con for a two-day celebration of all things pop culture. The line-up of guests included starts from The OriginalsArrow and Deadpool 2. We had the opportunity to interview The Originals star Andrew Lees, who played Lucien Castle on season three of the hit CW show. He says of fan response to his character: “Fans jumped on straight away…they’re so active, it’s really wonderful. You can engage with them a lot.”

Andrew’s first job was on the Steven Spielberg-produced WWII mini-series The Pacific. He has also had prominent roles in Australian shows such as Dance Academy and Rescue: Special Ops. We discussed the difference between the Australian and American industry cultures. Andrew commented that in “the American industry the actors are a lot more pampered and stuff like that. Whereas, here it’s a lot more egalitarian and like, everyone can sort of chip in to help.”

Our conversation ranged from his career to what it’s like performing in heels. We also talked about his upcoming projects, Mortal Engines and Unfriended: Dark Web. Watch the full interview below to find out his thoughts on Lucien’s story and his experience filming Unfriended: Dark Web entirely on Skype.