‘The 100’ Star Christopher Larkin Reveals Which Character Deaths Impacted Him The Most

Our Oz Comic-Con Interview With Christopher Larkin

On Saturday and Sunday, fans flocked to Oz Comic-Con for a two-day celebration of all things pop culture. The line-up of guests included starts from The 100Arrow and Deadpool 2. We had the opportunity to interview The 100 star Christopher Larkin, who plays fan favourite character Monty Green on the hit CW show. The show has just been renewed for a sixth season, and Christopher is excited: “Every time we feel like we’re on the chopping block, and every time we get renewed it’s just as sweet.”


Christopher Larkin got his start in theatre and one of his earliest roles was in a production of Kafka on the Shore. We discussed the difference between screen and stage acting, which he described as sprinting versus an endurance test. He has just starred in the Pittsburgh-staged play Nomad Motel, written by his partner Carla Ching. We also delved into the importance of representation on TV. Monty is a prominent Korean character on a big network show, which has garnered positive feedback from fans. He says, “It’s expanding and everyone’s becoming much more human and evolving together, and I think that’s really exciting.”

Our conversation ranged from his life and career to a hypothetical crossover with classic animated show Arthur. Watch the full interview below to find out which death most impacted him and which character he would bring back.