Telltale ‘The Walking Dead’ – The Final Season

The best zombie narrative RPG on the market available right now. One that’s always focused on the story and left combat to be simple quick time events, this year that changes.

Telltale has added in unscripted combat events to make the world feel more genuine and dangerous, as it should be because you know, it’s a zombie apocalypse.


Players will be thrust back into the role of Clementine attempting to make an abandoned school home as she simply can’t keep going on the road.

We’ve been promised not just zombies but of course, the ever-present external threat of humans, some trying to rob you and some trying to kill you just for the hell of it.

The story has come full circle here, with players originally playing as Lee and protecting Clementine, we’ll now be playing as Clementine protecting the orphan boy AJ.

The final season releases August 14th this year!