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Spider-Man will Appear in Standalone Venom Movie

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Spider-Man will Appear in Standalone Venom Movie


After Marvel and Sony’s deal to finally bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans wondered about the remaining details of their agreement in which the Spider-Man universe will be separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only Spider-Man was to be included in the MCU while Sony would still retain the rights to make movies for any other character associated with Spider-Man. This includes characters like Silver Sable, Black Cat, and Venom which are getting their own movies in the near future.

There has been much speculation as to how Venom’s origin would be handled in a solo movie without Spider-Man due to the agreement. Venom’s abilities are a direct result of the alien symbiote bonding with and then being separated from Spider-Man before going to Eddie Brock.

First look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock(Venom)

First look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock(Venom)

On Collider Movie Talk’s most recent video, Jon Schnepp mentions that a source of his has said Spider-Man will definitively be in the Venom movie. This won’t just be a mention or a picture, similar to how it’s handled in the Marvel series done on Netflix, but Tom Holland himself will have some sort of full-on appearance. He goes on to say Holland probably won’t have a major role in the plot of the film but he will be in it.

Hopefully, this means that Sony’s movie characters can somehow be incorporated into the MCU, because who wouldn’t want to see Spider-Man fighting some large threat with the Avengers while Venom swoops in for the assist?

The standalone Venom movie is set to release on October 5th, 2018.



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