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The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1: Frank Castle Returns

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The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1: Frank Castle Returns


The Punisher’s first season was arguably one of the best Netflix/Marvel creations, with the story of Frank Castle appearing to be over, as he has finally killed everyone involved in his families death and saved his new friends in the Lieberman’s.

Frank (now Peter) has started a new life, however, it turns out that the Punisher’s story isn’t over, with season two for the series already being confirmed and filming starting soon after its announcement.

Punisher Season 2 Episode 1 Predictions: 

Punisher Season 2

Punisher Season 2

So, what’s next for the Punisher? Well, there is one obvious guy who will try and take out Frank in the future, as he allowed his old friend in Billy Russo to live.

Russo’s face was torn to shreds, his money stripped from him and his rank, as well as his lifestyle all taken by the Punisher. As a result, it’s likely that this dangerous man is going to be the one to send Frank back into his Punisher suit in season two.

Furthermore, there is another who might play a part in Frank’s story once again, however, he will likely be the major villain in Daredevil season 3 instead. Wilson Fisk has regained power while in jail and has sworn to take out the ones who put him in there.

Punisher Season 2

Punisher Season 2

Fisk will likely be the main villain in Daredevil, however, the Punisher did promise to take out Fisk the last time the met. As we know, Matt Murdoch can’t kill but if Fisk is left alive, he will just return, as that’s the sort of man he is.

This is why it’s believed that it will be the Purchaser who kills Wilson Fisk in the end, with Daredevil defeating him first. We don’t know if the Punisher will do that in Daredevil season 3 or the Punisher season 2 but I genuinely believe it will happen.

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