PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds New Map, Shield and Skins

As PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gets lost in the shadows of Fortnite, the developers still have hope.

The latest updates include introducing new skins, map and weapons.

Twitch streamers Shroud and Dr. DisRespect have partnered up with PUBG developers to introduce customised skins. The limited-edition crates contain the custom skins featuring the streamer’s design. The crates are $9.99 and can be purchased on their Twitch channels. These skins are available via purchase only and are availiable until June 30.


Shroud’s Ghosted Crate will contain exclusive Kar98k and AKM skins, and DrDisRespect’s Speed & Momentum Crate will contain exclusive Kar98k and M416 skins.

The newest in-game item is the Ballistic Shield. The shield will take a primary weapon slot but allows players to also carry a secondary gun, grenades and melee weapons. It also blocks 100% of bullet shots in front of you.

Later this year, PUBG is introducing a new snow map, Sanhok. With this, a new ‘War’ mode will also be revealed. The update is launching on PC on 22 June and on Xbox late 2018.