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One Piece Chapter 903

‘One Piece Chapter 903’ Spoilers: The Strawhats Escaped At A Huge Cost

Sadly this Whole Cake Island arc has been full of failures for the Strawhats. I mean, yes, they did manage to save Sanji but...
Todd Haberkorn Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Voice Actor Reveals His Favourite Anime Character (It isn’t from Dragon...

Anime legend Todd Haberkorn has voiced many anime characters over the years, as he has worked on Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail,...
The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 episode 15

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 15: Power of the Sun

Having escaped from the battle against Galand and Melascula, Jericho continues to carry Ban and Elaine away to safety on her back, but what...
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Reveals What Every U.A. Students Lacks

My Hero Academia's third season was one of the most highly anticipated animated series' for 2018 and now that it's finally here, the story...

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