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Overwatch Retribution Has Started & April 10 Patch

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Overwatch Retribution Has Started & April 10 Patch


The latest Overwatch event, Retribution, has begun today, and will run until April 30.

After Blizzard’s teasers earlier in the month, Overwatch Retribution has finally been released. Unreleased cosmetics, skins and sprays have been made available alongside exclusive game modes. The King’s Row Uprising mission is back and a new PvE arcade mode joins it! Unfortunately, the Archive patch is around 15gb on PC and 21gb on console which might delay your excitement a little bit.

via Blizzard


New skins have been released for Moira (Blackwatch), Reaper (Soldier: 24), Mei (Pyjamei), Winston (Specimen 28), Sombra (Talon), Doomfist (Talon), Lucio (Equalizer) and Hanzo (Scion). Last years Uprising skins for Reinhardt (Lieutenant Wilheim), Bastion (Null Sector), Mercy (Combat Medic Zielger), Torbjörn (Ironclad), Orisa (Null Sector), Genji (Blackwatch), McCree (Blackwatch) and Tracer (Cadet Oxton) are also available at a discounted price. Highlight intros and emotes have also been released for Hanzo, Pharah, D.Va, Orisa and more. View the gallery below for a preview of the new skins.


In all game modes, players can now choose “Avoid as Teammate” from the dropdown box on another player’s career profile. This means that matchmaker won’t place you on a team with this person for a week.

Rialto is the new map set in Venice, Italy. You get to play a PvE Blackwatch mission as Moira, Genji, McCree or Reaper. After Retribution, Rialto will be released as a regular PvP map but will have slight changes.

King’s Row Uprising is back from last year, and is also available to play during the Retribution season.


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