One Piece Episode 817 Spoilers & Preview

One Piece Episode 817
One Piece Episode 817

Everything in One Piece is starting to get pretty heated, with Pedro and Brook participating in some epic battles.

Brook though had to go up against an incredible enemy, a pirate so feared that even the late Pirate King in Gol D. Roger didn’t want to fight her.

In addition, Brook’s captain in Luffy is also no match for her now and despite Brook’s new Devil Fruit powers, many believed that he had no chance, however; despite the odds, Brook successfully completed his mission.

Brook vs Big Mom
Brook vs Big Mom

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat captain and Nami are still trying to escape the jail cell that they are being held in, with Luffy twisting to the maximum in an attempt to break free.

Sanji is now even more excited to marry Pudding, his love and only hope, with the former Straw Hat pirate finally permanently cutting his ties with his former friends.

However, an evil plot and a stunning secret behind the wedding fo the two lovers will be revealed!

With Sanji stuck, frozen in time cold and unable to move after he hears the truth from outside in the cold rain, as he attempted to give his lover some freshly cut flowers.


It’s the night before Sanji’s wedding and at the moment it all looks as if Sanji’s sacrifice to be with Pudding may have all been for nothing, with Sanji finally discovering the truth.

This episode is going to be truly epic and it’s a must watch for One Piece fans who have been desperately waiting for the wedding between Pudding and Sanji.

Until then you will just have to wait and watch the preview for episode 817 of One Piece in the video below.

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