One Piece Episode 815 Spoilers & Preview

One Piece Episode 815
One Piece Episode 815

In the previous episode of One Piece, we watched as everything started to get pretty intense on Whole Cake Island, especially as Luffy and Nami remain locked up.

The verbal battle between Luffy and Bog Mom was great in episode 814 of One Piece, with Big Mom detesting the Straw Hat captain by the end of it.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami remain in custody, with Luffy promising Big Mom that he will get Sanji back and we know that he will do his best to make sure that happens.

Nami and Luffy
Nami and Luffy

However, in episode 815 of One Piece, The Straw Hat Pirates begin their counter-attack, which we all knew was coming soon.

Chopper and Carrot begin their plans to pull themselves out of the fire, by launching a cunning coordinated counter-attack.

Meanwhile, Pudding’s heart is wavering over her upcoming marriage to the former Straw Hat Pirate in Sanji, with Pudding telling Luffy and Nami about her determination earlier.

From the preview for episode 815 of One Piece, you can see that Big Mom is about to snap, with it being likely to be a result of the Straw Hat Pirates counter attack.

One Piece
One Piece

Luffy and Nami desperately need to escape, with it likely happening in next weeks episode, with their wounds from their previous battles healing quite well.

Next week things are starting to get intense, especially as fans want to see what Pudding has to say to Luffy about her goals.

For now, though, you can watch the preview for the upcoming installment in episode 815 of One Piece in the video below.

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