‘One Piece’ Chapter 892: Will Sanji Deliver Big Mom’s Cake In Time?

One Piece Chapter 892
One Piece Chapter 892

For the past few chapters of One Piece, we have watched Big Mom desperately attack the Sunny and the Straw Hats.

So far the crew has managed to stay alive but the can’t be lucky forever and as a result, theories have suggested that this battle will end soon.

The only question now is can Sanji deliver the cake in time to distract Big Mom? Well, according to the numerous theories on Reddit, we could find out quite soon.

Big Mom attacks Straw Hats
Big Mom attacks Straw Hats

It’s expected that in chapter 882 of One Piece that we will see the cake be completed, however, this still isn’t confirmed just yet.

In addition, other spoilers are suggesting that the Straw Hat’s may get some help instead. For example, the Sun Pirate’s or the pirates that promised to help Luffy back when Doflamingo was defeated, may arrive to help the Straw Hat’s take in the pirate even the Pirate King in Gol D. Roger didn’t want to face.

Meanwhile, Luffy is currently fighting against one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commander’s in Charlotte Katakuri within the Mirror World.

This is their second encounter where the Straw Hat Captain is expected to unlock a new power up.

Luffy vs Katakuri
Luffy vs Katakuri

We know that in the brief period of time between fights with Katakuri, Luffy has tried to further awaken his Observation Haki.

If Luffy succeeds, he will be able to see momentarily into the future and be on an even playing field with Katakuri.

It’s doubtful that we will see a Gear 5 like many others expect, it’s more likely that Luffy will improve his Haki instead.

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