‘One Piece’ Chapter 888: Luffy And Katakuri Cross Again 

One Piece Chapter 888
One Piece Chapter 888

In the previous chapter Monkey D. Luffy was attempting to throw off his opponent by awakening his Observation Haki to see into the future.

Just before escaping the Mirror World, Luffy figured out that he needed to see into the future in order to defeat Katakuri for good.

When outside the Straw Hat captain was confronted by Katakuri’s captain in Big Mom, an incredibly powerful pirate who even the great Pirate King Gol D. Roger didn’t want to fight.


While running away from her, Luffy needed to recharge his stamina to use not only his Haki but his 4th Gear again.

Luffy vs Katakuri
Luffy vs Katakuri

In chapter 888 of One Piece, it’s expected that we will see Luffy and Katakuri reunite in the Mirror World, as Luffy isn’t satisfied with just running away.

Meanwhile, Brook, Jinbe, Chopper, Carrot and the other Straw Hat Pirate’s are being pursued by Big Mom’s crew.

Mont d’Or is flying towards them along with a number of other weaker crew members.

In addition, it’s believed that Sanji and Pudding are at the final stages of finishing the cake, with Bege and the others being on the defensive.

Bege and Sanji
Bege and Sanji

If the cake is complete then the crew will be saved, as Big Mom cannot calm down without the cake being ready.

The crew is under immense pressure as they can’t even hope to survive another big attack from Big Mom.

That’s why it’s expected that in chapter 888 of One Piece, we will get to see the cake completely and a rematch between Luffy and Katakuri is starting again.

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