One Piece Episode 841 Spoilers: Luffy vs. Big Mom

One Piece Episode 841 manga Spoilers: Luffy vs. Big Mom
One Piece Episode 841 Spoilers: Luffy vs. Big Mom

One Piece Episode 840 was a great episode, and it just set the bar high for the next episode. One Piece Episode 841 will be highly intense as the Germa 66 prepares to go into an all-out battle just to facilitate the evacuation process of the allies. Episode 840 dived deep into the predicament of the allied forces as the initial plan of assassinating Big Mom ended in a failure.

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One Piece Episode 840

Thanks to Germa 66’s help everyone including the entire Germa 66, were able to take shelter inside the Big Father Castle of Bege. However, they are totally not safe as Bege explains that despite being strong, Big Father isn’t unbreakable and if someone manages to break the castle from outside, Bege will die, and everyone would be thrown outside at the mercy of the Big Mom Pirates.


The worst happens as Big Mom regains her consciousness and starts attacking the castle thereby hurting Bege also in the process while the rest of the Big Mom pirates just stood by waiting for the insiders to come out. Bege explains that no matter what happens its only Bege who will get affected by Big Mom’s attacks, and they formed an escape plan.

Germa 66 decides to take the charge, and help Caesar and others in their evacuation process, so they went full force against Big Mom.

One Piece Episode 841 Preview/Spoilers:

The title of One Piece Episode 841 is, “Escape From The Tea Party! Luffy vs. Big Mom!”

One Piece Episode 841 will feature the beginning of the deadly escape plan of the allied forces out of the Whole Cake island. Luffy along with Germa 66 will fight Big Mom to create an opening for others to escape. The preview shows Reiju falling victim to the attack from Prometheus.

Luffy is fully enraged by Big Mom’s vicious attacks and to prove himself as the future King of The Pirates, Luffy enters into his Gear 4th form and fight Big Mom head-on while Caesar tries to fly away with Bege.

The ending of the preview shows three of the Germa 66 members except for Reiju, landing a combined attack, so what happened to Reiju, could only be known in One Piece Episode 841.