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One Piece Episode 833: Jinbe Severs His Bond With Big Mom.

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One Piece Episode 833: Jinbe Severs His Bond With Big Mom.


Finally, the Hellish Tea Party began, and things are about to go very ugly from here. In One Piece Episode 832, we saw the real motive of the Big Mom Pirates when they desperately tried to kill Sanji but, all those attempts failed. The initial wedding cake is also shown in this episode which would be destroyed soon, probably in One Piece Episode 833.

One Piece Episode 833-Pudding Cries.

One Piece Episode 833-Pudding Cries.

Right at the top of the Wedding cake, when Sanji was about to lift Pudding’s veil, Pudding showed Sanji her third eye.The initial plan was to scare Sanji with her third eye and then shoot him, but, she failed to do so the moment Sanji praised her third eye.

Pudding broke into tears, and we get to see her backstory where she was bullied by everyone and was considered as a monster by everyone including Big Mom as well because of her third eye. Sanji is the first, and the only one who found that third eye beautiful and attractive. Thus she couldn’t bring herself to shoot him.

One Piece episode 832-Katakuri seeing future.

One Piece episode 832-Katakuri seeing future.

Big Mom signals the priest to kill Sanji but, Katakuri quickly intercepts and takes charge after seeing into the future. Katakuri tossed a jellybean but, Sanji dodged that as well, and it ended up killing the priest. And the priest shot the bullet while falling down and everyone present at the party, was perplexed at the situation.

Soon, we saw Luffy emerge from the wedding cake with all the homies transformed into Luffy.

The Preview For One Piece Episode 833:

Finally, the big battle between the two forces will start in One Piece Episode 833. Luffy wrecking the cake will enrage Big Mom very much and in the next episode, we will see Jinbe officially leaving Big Mom’s shadow for good.

According to the Preview of One Piece Episode 833, Jinbe will bring a cup of sake, and to joins the Straw Hats, Jinbe will engage himself in a fierce clash against the Yonko, Big Mom. Every one in Bege’s team is getting ready to take Big Mom down for good, and on the other side, the Charlotte family is also getting ready as we see Kakaturi in the preview. Big Mom is losing control, and she is getting very much pissed.

The major hyped battle between Luffy and Katakuri is only a few episodes away, and it would be interesting to see what happens in One Piece episode 833. However, until next week, you can watch the preview for One Piece Episode 833 in the video above.

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