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One Piece Chapter 911: Gecko Moorea Lives!

Manga One Piece

One Piece Chapter 911: Gecko Moorea Lives!


One Piece Chapter 910 was the first chapter which showed us the glimpse of the journey of the rest of the crew towards Wano. Now, the ending quite shocked everyone but, it has become a tradition now in One Piece, so it really becomes intriguing for fans to discuss the upcoming One Piece Chapter 911. From, what it looks, most of the people in the One Piece community is sure that the crew has reached Wano.

Let’s, decode all the details we’ve so far in the latest chapter, Wano has been teased from way earlier, and it has been stressed that Wano is a unique country with weather patterns and ocean current far beyond the normal human’s comprehension. This proved to be true as on their way, the crew encountered such peculiar waves the likes of which they’ve never faced and how is there a stream of fresh water in the middle of an ocean?

One Piece 911 spoiler

One Piece Chapter 911

The freshwater moves upward and it’s full of Koi fish. This is insane, and it’s only possible if Wano has something to do with it. It could be possible that due to the strange ocean currents, the fresh water is actually forced to rush in, and it flows around the island. Eventually, we will come to know about it from One Piece Chapter 911+.

The beginning of the chapter featured the crew as they read the current news about the Reverie in the newspaper. Now, we all know that, the mini-arc of Reverie is actually over but, the story and the actual meeting is just in its initial phase so what will happen of the story? A lot of deep secrets were revealed in Reverie, and it’s obvious that Oda is just teasing us to maintain the hype. The events will happen and it’s a high possibility that something will go down, and Luffy and company will come to know about this at the end of Wano arc, and from there the real struggle with the world government will begin.

The meeting of Reverie is very important, now, that the Revolutionary Army has declared war on the Celestial Dragons, things will become only intense so it’s highly unlikely for Oda to close the door on the events of Reverie.

One Piece Chapter 911+: Will Gecko Moorea Enter Wano?

One Piece Chapter 911

One Piece Chapter 911+: Will Gecko Moorea Attack Kaido?

Now, the newspaper also featured the article of Big Mom entering Wano, but, thanks to Chopper and Sanji, Nami never got to read that. The fight in Wano will be far from what we can imagine, as both Big Mom pirates and the Beast Pirates will be present and now, a new entry is being teased. @SPManga1 shared the news and according to him, “The NWT magazine reveals information about Gecko Moorea as he is currently hiding somewhere in the New World and has been said to have been seen by some people (still alive”

Gecko Moorea wasn’t focussed on creating an army from the beginning, it was after his defeat at the hands of Kaido that he lost his crew and began to gather zombies so that he can create an eternal invincible army. So, obviously, he hates Kaido and might be looking for a revenge sometime in the future.

Now, this might sound like a far-fetched story but, it’s possible that Gecko Moorea might come to Wano and take his revenge from Kaido. He has already been betrayed by the Government, and there are practically no reasons for him to hold a grudge against Luffy. Maybe this could be true but, we will have to wait for the upcoming chapters after One Piece Chapter 911.

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 911 will be important as at the end of chapter 910, the crew was yet again separated, and Luffy is about to fight a giant Baboon who was seen holding a Katana. One Piece Chapter 911 will be revealed about the current whereabouts of the rest of the crew and more about Wano.

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