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One Piece Chapter 908: The Former Pirate King And His Crew Before Gol D. Roger

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One Piece Chapter 908: The Former Pirate King And His Crew Before Gol D. Roger


Echiiro Oda once again trolled the audiences who think that they know everything about One Piece. The recent chapter, One Piece Chapter 907 totally baffled all the audiences with the revelation of so many subtle details, which we never saw coming. Even after 20 years and 900+ chapters, we feel like there is still so much to know about, and the real part is only beginning. All of this skyrockets our anticipation for the upcoming One Piece chapter 908 which will drop in few days.

One Piece 908 release date

One Piece Chapter 908: Who Is The Former Pirate King?

Over the years we knew that there is, or perhaps was the only Pirate crew who conquered the world and regarded as the king, the Roger Pirates. The captain, Gol D. Roger is known as the Kings of the Pirates. Everything was going fine but, after the revelation of Locks/Rocks, the whole netizens have been buzzing over this matter.

One Piece Chapter 908: The Rocks/Locks:

In One Piece Chapter 907, during a conversation between Garp and Hina, Hina says, “Speaking of Big Mom and Kaido, you’re hailed as the Hero of the Marines because of…”

To this, Garp responds by saying, “Oh, are you talking about Rocks? I’m surprised that you’ve heard of them, Hina. Especially since you’re so young. There’s no doubt that before Roger came along, it was their era! But that was more than 40 years ago. Nevertheless, the past is the past.”

The Pirate King Before Gol D Roger

The Pirate King Before Gol D Roger

Now, this clearly gives the impression that before Roger, there was this certain crew who ruled over the New World but, never reached Raftel. Now, it was revealed that Roger despite being the King of the Pirates, never wished to lock horns with Big Mom, and the Rocks/Locks’ crew comprised of monsters like Kaido and Big Mom, and they weren’t even the captain.

This means that the captain of Rocks/Locks was par with Roger or more powerful than Roger. The threat of this crew is still on as according to Garp, “There’s no use worrying about it, although it would be a real threat if they were to make a comeback. It’d be an incident too fare beyond our imaginations for us to do anything.”

Garp gained the status by fighting the captain of this pirate crew way before his battles with Roger became famous. Now, according to the manga, the crew lost their captain, and it doesn’t mean that the crew lost its captain due to his/her death. Maybe he retired, and like this, there are many other implications.

There are few theories going on this topic which are quite interesting.


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