‘One Piece Chapter 898’: Germa 66’s Betrayal Is Complete

In addition, Germa 66 has left Big Mom'salliance and has chosen to take up arms with the Vinsmoke's heir now, which makes them the Straw-Hats allies. 

We are slowly coming to the epic climax of this current Whole Cake Island arc, with the Straw-Hat Captain in Monkey D. Luffy finally taking out Big Mom’s Sweet Commander in Charlotte Katakuri a few weeks ago.

With Luffy’s new 4th Gear form called “Snakeman,” he was able to finally take out Katakuri, however, Luffy still isn’t safe and the crew are in a bad position.


Yet, some One Piece fans believe that this upcoming chapter might actually put the Straw-Hats in a better position than we initially thought.

Thus far, there hasn’t been too much about this chapter although, we have been given a small glimpse of what we can expect from chapter 898 of One Piece on Reddit and Twitter.

Luffy in the state he is in and even at full power is unlikely to be able to defeat Big Mom at the moment, as she has been a feared pirate since the old era.

Big Mom remember is a Yonko and is so feared that even the late Pirate King in Gol D. Roger avoided fighting her when he was still sailing the sea.

As a result, the predictions for this chapter reveal that Luffy might be able to get away without attacking the Yonko head on.

It’s expected that Mig Mom will finally eat some more cake, which means when Luffy finally arrives as Cacao Island that he will find a skinny sleeping Big Mom.

This is still unconfirmed, however, it’s likely that Luffy will not go up against a fully strengthened Big Mom.

In addition, Germa 66 has left Big Mom’salliance and has chosen to take up arms with the Vinsmoke’s heir now, which makes them the Straw-Hats allies.

It’s expected that they will also assist the Straw-Hat’s with their escape as well. Chapter 898 of One Piece is going to be an epic one, especially, as the arc is slowly at its conclusion.

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