‘One Piece Chapter 895’: Luffy’s New 4th Gear Form “Snakeman”

This battle is nowhere near over and with Luffy's new abilities, it's only going to get more interesting in chapter 895 of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 895
One Piece Chapter 895

As we enter the final stages of the battle between Big Mom’s Sweet Commander’s in Charlotte Katakuri and the Straw Hat Captain in Monkey D. Luffy in chapter 895 of One Piece, we start to see our hero break through some walls.

In Katakuri and Luffy’s first encounter, the future Pirate King was unable to match the Sweet Commander and had to flee the Mirror World.


Luffy spent his time outside the Mirror World recovering so that he could jump back into the battle with Katakuri in an attempt to defeat him.

Originally we were given hints at that time that Luffy wanted to awaken a new level of Observation Haki, with it being doubtful that we would see any new Gear level.

Luffy's 4th Gear Snakeman
Luffy’s 4th Gear Snakeman

However, in chapter 894 of One Piece, we got to see a glimpse of the very thing we thought was impossible.

Luffy can now combine his improved Observation Haki, which enables him to momentarily see into the future and his new 4th Gear Snakeman form.

According to spoilers released on The Anime Scrolls, they believe that speed + Future Haki is the only way to defeat Katakuri.

As all of Luffy’s Gears are based on animals from Ruskaina, this Snakeman form should enable him to have some snake-like powers, which the name suggests.

Luffy's Snakeman
Luffy’s Snakeman

Sadly the previous chapter of One Piece didn’t show us this form or even give us a glimpse of its abilities. However, we should have all our questions about Snakeman answered in chapter 895 of One Piece.

In addition, spoilers on Reddit indicate that the two pirates are about to bloody each other up even more than what they already are.

This battle is nowhere near over and with Luffy’s new abilities, it’s only going to get more interesting in chapter 895 of One Piece, especially if Luffy wins and then has the trouble of escaping the guarded Mirror World.

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