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Oda Confirms ‘One Piece Chapter 901’ Spoilers: Jinbe Sacrifices For Luffy.

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Oda Confirms ‘One Piece Chapter 901’ Spoilers: Jinbe Sacrifices For Luffy.


Finally, One Piece chapter 901 will be available soon for the readers. But for now, the official spoilers of One Piece Chapter 901 is out. This is what we’ve have been waiting for the past two weeks.Finally, the fate of Straw Hats is revealed. So, this is the confirmed spoilers, and everything in this article is 100% true so, read it at your own risk.

The title of One Piece Chapter 901 is, “Even if you die, don’t die.”

The Cover story title is, “Doctor of the New Giant Pirates, Gerth/Gerd.”

One Piece Chapter 901.

One Piece Chapter 901.

The Spoilers Of One Piece Chapter 901 is:

  • In the cover, last member of new Gigant Pirates. Gerd is a girl with a gigantic axe. She’s the doctor of the ship.
  • Big Mom has finally eaten the cake completely, and now, she is back to her original condition.
  • Thankfully the ship which got destroyed in Chapter 900 was not Thousand Sunny. Rather, it was the Ship of the Fishman Pirates.
  • Taiyou Pirates’ ship was built by Fisher Tiger.Wadatsumi changed Taiyou ship’s with the Thousand Sunny in the last moment. After saving The Thousand Sunny, Wadatsumi tried to escape the island with the Straw Hats’ ship in his mouth. To be honest, this was a good plan considering the situation they were in. But, it didn’t last long as Oven attacked Wadatsumi.
  • After Luffy’s heroic action in Fishman Island, The Taiyou Pirates wants to repay him by doing anything in order to save Luffy and his crew. That’s why they sacrificed their ship in the first place. Now, they are engaged in a battle with the Big Mom Pirates.

Jinbe Stays Back With The Fishman Pirates.

Jinbe Stays Back

Jinbe Stays Back

  • “After Oven realizes that Straw Hats are safe underwater, he heats up the water to draw Wadatsumi out. Wadatsumi isn’t able to handle the heat and spits out the ship outside of the circling fleet of Big Mom’s ships.
  • All of the Sun Pirates are resolved to stand between the Big Mom Pirates, and hold them until Straw Hats are able to leave. Jinbe can’t let his nakamas alone, so he decides to fight along with the Taiyou pirates. Jinbe wants to stay back and help them instead of leaving them to their fates.
  • Luffy declares that he’s Jinbe’s captain now, and that he’ll keep going until he reaches Wano but that he expects Jinbe to follow him there once he’s done. Luffy tells Jinbe, “even if you die, don’t die” to which Jinbe smiles a bit.”
  • Moscato, son of Big Mom, who was the first to get killed by her in the series didn’t die, and he is well alive and he appears on Big Mom’s ship.
  • Big Mom is on a little Homie wave, and she wants Luffy’s soul.
  • Morgans and Stussy scape in a balloon carrying a horde of News.
  • He says next the Pirate-King will be someone from the “Worst Generation,” and Luffy is one of them.



Whole Cake Island

Whole Cake Island-http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Whole_Cake_Island

As many of us had speculated that we might see a sacrifice in One Piece Chapter 901, now it has been confirmed by Oda himself. This is really uncalled for at the moment.Jinbe just aided The Straw Hats, and when it looked like he’s going to join the crew, this happens.However, this is the only logical option that was left since they were already surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 901 will be coming out in few hours, and it’s when we will finally get to know the details, and from this, it can be said the Whole Cake Island will be over in 4-5 chapters.Let us hope Jinbe survives the fight somehow and catches up with Luffy in Wano.

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