New Nintendo Direct Comes with Surprise Switch Announcements

Nintendo Direct
Nintendo Direct

Nintendo held a new Nintendo Direct today with plenty of announcements, some expected and others not so much. Downloadable content, ports, new games, and even a remaster are all coming to the Switch this year so let’s take a look at what to expect.

The World Ends with You-Final Remix-

The World Ends with You is an action RPG originally released for the Nintendo DS over ten years ago, but is now seeing  a re-release on the Switch. It follows a boy named Neku who, upon meeting a girl named Shiki, is forced into a timed game where he must fight for his existence. The new enhancements of the Switch console allows players to use original touch controls or the joy cons. New story content is also available in the Final Remix version and the game will launch later this year.

Pokkén Tournament DX DLC

New characters are coming to Pokkén Tournament DX in a two wave battle pack DLC. The first wave includes the playable pokémon Aegislash who is described as being a technical style character that can switch between two forms being highly offensive or defensive. Support pokémon Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu are also included. Footage shows the Rayquaza assist flying across the screen acting as a full screen projectile while Mimikyu jumps in with a multi-hitting attack that holds the opponent in place. The second wave of the battle pack will bring playable pokémon Blastoise and an assist set with Mew and Celebi. Purchasing the battle pack now will provide immediate access to new items for avatar customization. The first wave will be released on January 31 while the second wave will be released on March 23.

Kirby Star Allies

The newest entry in the Kirby franchise showed off even more copy abilities for Kirby but what was even more interesting was the ability for Kirby to mix, match, and combine different abilities for new effects. For example, creating a surge of water with one ability while spraying a cloud of ice into it with another will result in ice shard projectiles being launched from the water. Taking advantage of this feature in four player co-op mode will allow players to cooperate to discover and unlock new locations and secrets. Players will need to work together to get through levels use their wits to take out bosses with their own abilities. Kirby Star Allies will release on March 16th.

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Version

Hyrule Warriors saw the characters we all know and love from the Legend of Zelda franchise in a new light. The definitive version includes all DLC ever released for the game as well as exclusive content from both the Wii U and 3DS versions together for one ultimate version. Hyrule Warriors will play in full 1080p while the Switch is in docked mode and allows for split screen co-op by sharing joy cons while docked or undocked. New additions to the game include special outfits for both Link and Zelda sporting their outfits from Breath of the Wild. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition will launch this Spring.

Mario Tennis Aces

A new Mario Tennis game is on the horizon! This time around, Mario Tennis Aces will include a story mode for the first time since the Game Boy Advance version. The game is noted as having many new modes and will be available this Spring.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

Follow the story of Adol in this action RPG, exploring an island inhabited by vicious creatures while trying to survive. Fight with your allies and combine attacks for devastating results to help change the world. Ys VIII will release this Summer.

Super Mario Odyssey Update – Luigi’s Balloon World

This new online feature will be made available through a free update. After having completed the game, Mario will now be able to find Luigi in each kingdom and talking to him starts an online balloon hiding mini-game. Hide your balloon from other players and search for theirs to compete for high scores. The mode has been compared to “a new form of objective based speed running”. Included in the free update will also be new outfits for Mario to wear as well as new filters for the snapshot mode, all coming in February.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

In the midst of  the recent fighting game wave with releases such as TEKKEN 7, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and Dragon Ball FighterZ on the horizon, a new fighter is approaching in SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. Featuring fan favorite characters from SNK, this tag team fighter follows a two on two format with item drops during matches and character customization. Cinematic finisher moves also make an appearance in the form of Dream Finishes.  The game will be available this summer.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC

New DLC for Mario  and Rabbids is coming, featuring Donkey Kong as a new character. Nothing else was revealed but it’s a safe bet to expect new missions and maps related to Donkey Kong when it releases this spring.


PAYDAY 2 is coming to the switch with new features such as touch screen integration and HD rumble allowing you to literally get a whole new feel for the game. The Switch version of the game will also have a timed exclusive character known as Joy, who is a Japanese computer hacker wearing a unique mask with constantly changing LEDs. She also has her own unique weapons and perks which will be available with the full game on February 27th.


This very stylized 3D platformer has you exploring a dark forest, interacting with various creatures and wildlife to uncover it’s secrets. The joy con motion controls enable you to sing with the creatures in the game. You can feel each song using the HD rumble and experience the game on February 16th.


This upcoming 2D action platformer allows your character to climb walls and air dash to navigate dangerous obstacles. Many difficulties are available in the game so you can enjoy it any way you want, even allowing invincibility so you can enjoy the pleasant sprite work and levels. Celeste releases on the Switch on January 25th.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is now coming to the Switch with a brand new mode where you can play as Funky Kong. His board and extreme amounts of funk provide him with greater mobility allowing him to double jump, hover, perform infinite rolls, and infinite corkscrews while underwater. The game can be played in two player local co-op and will be released on May 4th.

Dark Souls Remastered

That’s right, Dark Souls is seeing it’s way to a Nintendo console for the first time with Dark Souls Remastered. A cinematic teaser revealed the game’s release date of May 25th to close out the direct.

This “mini” Nintendo Direct had quite a bit of content and games to look out for. Some fans were disappointed by the lack of announcement for a Dragon Ball FighterZ port for the Switch while others wanted news of a new Smash Bros. game or a port of the previous version. Those would have been great but the surprise Dark Souls is pretty exciting. Hopefully next month’s direct is even better. Check out the direct in it’s entirety here.

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