New Nintendo Job Listing Hints 2018 Pokemon Switch Game

The release date could be very soon...

2018 Pokemon Switch Game
2018 Pokemon Switch Game

A new job listing on the Pokemon website has been spotted by fans, getting people excited for what it may mean. The listing could be indicative of the progress for the highly anticipated 2018 Pokemon Switch game.

The listing is for a Spanish localization editor to help translate upcoming games based out of London.  Description of the listing reads as, “The Localisation Editor (6 -month fixed term contract minimum) is a member of the editing team and works closely with the other localisation editors, translators and project coordinators on all editorial facets of video games, and related materials (video game strategy guide, video game web site etc.) in Spanish. This will include a high level of knowledge regarding native slang, phraseologies, and nuances in Spanish.”


As the job is intended for a six month duration, fans and speculators have concluded that this is for a very specific project which could be the 2018 Pokemon Switch game. Although developers of the game have mentioned that it may not release in 2018, this news says otherwise.

Considering localization is one of the final parts to check off before the Pokemon game is finished, this listing is a good sign if it really is for the Pokemon game. Based on the time frame that the Spanish localization editor is expected to be taken on, this points to either a late 2018 or very early 2019 release for the Pokemon Switch game.

This is all deep fan speculation however, as there are job listings like this that go up rather frequently for the Pokemon Company. Several other Pokemon games are also being developed currently which this listing could just as easily be for. Detective Pikachu and Pokeland (a Pokemon Rumble style game coming to mobile phones) are both expected to launch soon and have much more known about them than the 2018 Pokemon Switch game.

Hopefully, there will be some official news soon regarding the new Pokemon game so this speculation can either be proven or put to rest.

The most recent Pokemon games, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, are currently available for purchase from amazon. Detective Pikachu is expected to release next month and is available for pre-order, also from amazon.

You can also purchase a Nintendo Switch in preparation for the game now, from amazon.

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