‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 166: Camie’s Quirk Is Revealed 

My Hero Academia Chapter 166
My Hero Academia Chapter 166

In chapter 166 of My Hero Academia Chapter (Boku no hero academia) fans can expect to see something that they have been looking forward to for quite some time.

In this chapter, it’s expected that we will see Camie reveal her quirk, which should be ridiculously powerful.

This will be the second female character in the series to have such a dangerous quirk, which most fans have been wanting to see as the heroes constantly in the spotlight are mostly males.

Meanwhile, according to the spoilers released on Reddit, we will see for the first time Bakugou burst out in a real laugh.


However, this “burst” could also be a hint that he will get pissed off and use his explosive quirk in a ball of rage.

The basic translation says that Todoroki and Camie are showing children their quirks, which will determine Bakugou’s reaction, depending on what they show.

If they seem more powerful than him it will probably be rage but if they fail at something, it will be laughter.

In addition, Todoroki will be showing off not only his ice side but also his fire half of these children in the upcoming chapter.


Meanwhile, the spoiler confirms that Todoroki’s father in Endeavor will be watching his son’s performance. Sadly, we don’t know if Todoroki knows about his father watching him use his fire quirk, all we know is that Endeavor is watching.

Finally, in chapter 166 of My Hero Academia Chapter 166 we will learn more about Camies quirk, as well as possibly seeing more of Todoroki’s fire side.

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