The Next Avengers Will Be Filmed In Scotland

Turns out that the next installment of the Avengers franchise will be filmed in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands.

Infinity War will start filming next month on the 28th of February and is expected to last up to six months.

The Next Avengers Will Be Filmed In Scotland
The Next Avengers Will Be Filmed In Scotland

This movie will hold the record for the largest movie ever filmed in Scotland, which beats Brad Pitt’s 2011 film, World War Z.

Along with the usual cast from the previous movies, Benedict Cumberbatch will be making his Avenger debut as Dr. Strange.


While Live Tyler, famous from being in Lord of the Rings, is rumoured to be appearing as Betty Ross, who was in the Incredible Hulk. Karen Gillian is also in the mix for staring as the villain Nebula too.

The third instalment of the Avengers film series has been highly anticipated after the first two films enormous success. Hopefully there will be minimal delays and so the movie can be on our films as soon as possible.




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