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Maid Café Mania

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Maid Café Mania

K-on anime cast dressed as maids.

Maid cafes are quite popular in anime culture. There is one anime in particular based on Maid Cafes which most people are familiar with, Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and its a popular segment in a lot of special episodes involving school festivals.

Now, if you’ve been to Japan’s Akihabara, also known as the Otaku central of Japan, the likelihood is that you’ve seen a maid café, that is where the most popular maid cafes are.

If Japan is on your wishlist of places to go and you haven’t yet been, then perhaps you’ve seen one of the popups that have appeared in some anime conventions. And while the popups don’t give the same experience as the ones in Japan, it’s not far from it.

@home café in Akihabara, Japan

I can’t quite speak for the maid cafe experience in Japan, but I had the opportunity to experience a maid café first hand at an anime convention, and it was quite fun.

If you haven’t been, let me explain the gist of it. Basically, it’s a café with cosplay maids serving you. During your stay, you join in on activities such as playing mini games, taking photos with the maids, watching their dance performances and much more.

Describing it in words does not capture the experience at all. 80% of the maid café experience is being part of the infectious environment. The fun is contagious.

Disclaimer: You may be coerced into wearing bunny ears and joining the maids power chants.

The Truth About Maid Cafes

Or if you think maid cafes aren’t your cup of tea, then if you go to Japan, you can always go to a butler café, which is the same thing, except with butlers or even a BL café for all the fujoshis out there… it exists!!

So, if you haven’t already tried it, then I suggest you bring a friend along and try for yourself. You won’t regret it.