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‘Kingdom Manga Chapter 565’ Official Spoilers

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‘Kingdom Manga Chapter 565’ Official Spoilers


We are only a few hours away from the upcoming chapter of Kingdom being released, however, until it’s release, we can take a look at the spoilers for the instalment.

These spoilers for Kingdom chapter 565, have been circulating on Reddit recently and were sourced from the Kingdom manga live-stream.

Kingdom Chapter 565 Spoilers: 

Chapter Title: At the front lines

Goba Head Quarters getting reports flowing in:

Kingdom Manga Chapter 565

Kingdom Manga Chapter 565

“Bunen managed to slay enemy commander on his side”

“Tork died in battle against his enemy”

Goba says “The shame of the Quanrong has died.. isn’t this the worst?” (Read in a sarcastic tone XD)

Chapter continues with Bajio fodderizing Goba’s troops – title of the chapter drop (see image in album)

A panel with Tajifu, no action

Shunmen kills a Goba army’s commander (Yeah he is alive)

Yotanwa and some of her troops suddenly appears in front of Goba’s army out of nowhere (?)

But Yotanwa is seen surprised when she sees Ssj behind her (He read her move?)

Kingdom Manga Chapter 565

Kingdom Manga Chapter 565

There are some dialogue panels by Bajio soldiers – one of them being Shunmen. He says something along the lines that if SSJ is here Rozo might be here as well. (He is like the narrator in the chapter like CGR at Shukai plains lol)

The last panel shows Rozo joining in on the battlefield meant for the fight between Bajio and Goba troops. Yotanwa is left with no path to escape with SSJ and Rozo making a pincer attack on her troops.

In addition, Kingdom will not be on break next week. Kingdom will be getting the release of volume 51 on July 19th, 2018.

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