Simpsons Comic Book Artist Dean Rankine Talks About His Work

Nerds4LifeBlog was lucky enough to interview Dean Rankine at Oz Comic-Con this year. Rankine is a popular comic book artist who is known for his work on the Simpson’s comics as well as Hellboy and Futurama among other projects.

Rankine was always into his art at a very young age and with his teachers words led him to pursue the field of art and on to working on comics. His biggest piece that he currently still works on is the Simpson’s and Futurama, which has been a life changing project to work with on many ways to him and his career as well as artistically.

How he got working on the Simpson’s comics is rather interesting as Rankine was at the time near finishing his work on projects such as Scholastics and was searching for other comics and illustrations to work on when he went into local supermarket to see what comics were popular at the time. He picked up the Simpson’s comic book where he saw a page within that he thought he could make it fit nicer with the other pages. He was inspired of work that he thought he could just achieve to make it look fantastic.


The full video interview is one page 2:

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