Hitman’s reboot in 2016 was nothing short of a triumph. The episodic formula worked brilliantly and the amount of post-release support was staggering. With constantly released elusive targets, new escalation contracts and of course community support.

Hitman 2 takes all of this and polishes it, with a huge range of disguises, weapons and environments shown off in the trailer.


The story, if you actually paid attention to it, continues on from the cliffhanger ending in the last game.

Miami apparently features one of the biggest events they’ve created yet with a huge wealth of various minor details all around the levels.

Players will now be able to blend with the crowd when they’re not panicked, fantastic idea because I always wanted to try something like that in the past game. Now that there are 2000 people in each level, an absolutely staggering number, I can’t wait to pretend I’m playing Assassins Creed.

There will still be escalations, challenge packs and elusive targets, everything we know and love from the past game.

Hitman 2 will come out November 3rd, 2018.