DC’s Streaming service which was announced last year by both Warner Bros’ and DC Comics, now has an official name and a landing page on the DC website.


In the wake of DCTV shows (Gotham, Green Arrow, The Flash etc.) huge success on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Stan, DC’s very own streaming service ‘DC Universe’, will feature both a number of new animated and live action series.

The landing page has sited the exclusive streaming service as an “immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans”. To access the streaming service, DC fans will have to become members of the service which will allow them “unlimited access to…exclusive original series”.

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The landing page has already announced a number of DC series which will stream exclusively on the service, which include the animated ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’, a live-action adaption of DC’s ‘Titans’, a live-action series surrounding ‘Swamp Thing’ and an animated series for the beloved fan-favourite ‘Harley Quinn’.

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This new DC exclusive streaming service could be quite a smart move for DC in terms of marketing and branching their franchised characters and stories out to a more immediate audience.

If ‘DC Universe’ becomes as popular as DC are hoping it will be, then we could potentially see more of our favourite DC characters and comic story arcs become adapted for the screen.


While the streaming service is yet to have a release date, ‘Titans’ is expected to launch late 2018, with ‘Swamp Thing’ aiming for a 2019 release.