The citizens of Gotham city have returned to our screens only a week after Gotham season 3’s climatically satisfying and somewhat melancholy (if you’re a fan of Ed Nygma) finale.


First premiered on 26th of February on Fox 8, the Batman prequel’s first few episodes of Season 4 (Stylised as ‘A Dark Knight’), have picked us viewers up right from where we left off last season, with new alliances appearing strong and past friends, now enemies defeated.

Now in its fourth and most critically acclaimed season thus far, it can be promised that viewers are in for Gotham’s most ambitious and anticipated season yet.

Season 4 will be loosely based of Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: Year One’ and Jeph Loeb’s ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’, two essential and genre defining Batman graphic novels.

Of course, Gotham will not explicitly adapt these novels into their own plot as it would parallel the prequel’s continuity too much with the character’s future story lines. However, plot elements such as the introduction of Sophia Falcone and Bruce’s evolution into a young vigilante will be present on the show.

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A few, amongst many events to be excited for this season:


  1. Penguin’s rise and fall from power, again

After making Victor Fries, turn his ex-love interest and best friend-turned-nemesis Edward Nygma (or The Riddler) into a frozen nightclub attraction, Penguin appears to have risen from the ashes and clawed his way back to the top of Gotham’s elite.

It’s nice to see Oswald have the upper hand once again. Although knowing his track record, it is only a matter of time before the feathered villain falls from his thrown once again.

Sofia Falcone will play a significant role in Penguin’s monopoly over the city, crumbling beneath him.

  1. Tabitha and Selina’s alliance 

In the season 3 finale, we saw Selina Kyle ask Tabitha Galavan to be her mentor and in these first few episodes, we see that the training with her has certainly paid off.

This newfound alliance seems to have given Tabitha a new sense of purpose after electrocuting Barbara.

Watching Selina evolve further into the independent and strong Catwoman that she will soon one day be is particularly exciting to watch for any Batman fan.

  1. Bruce’s vigilantism 

With winks from the Gotham writers to ‘Batman: Year One’, and even Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins’, it’ll be lots of fun watching Bruce learn what it means and what it’ll take to protect a corrupted city such as Gotham.

This could possibly take Bruce down dark path and it’ll be up to his friends such as Alfred, Lucius and Jim Gordon to guide the young Batman towards understanding that “there is a time for masks, and there is a time for being Bruce Wayne”.

4. Edward Nygma, Lee Thompkins and Solomon Grundy alliance 

Quite possibly the strangest, most unlikely grouping that the Gotham writers could have thought of, and somehow it works really well.

Lee will return to Gotham, filled with regret over her part in infecting the city with the Tetch virus last season, and this will eventually lead her crossing paths with Nygma and Grundy.

5. Introduction of Ra’s Al Ghul

We saw Ra’s choose Bruce as his next heir last season. In season 4, he will be collaborating with Barbara and will be even more involved in Bruce’s actions towards justice then the young dark knight will realise.



Watch Gotham season 4, Mondays on Fox 8.