PUBG Chinese Live Action Trailer Looks Amazing

Live Action PUBG Trailer
Live Action PUBG Trailer

A PUBG Chinese live action trailer was just released and shows every part of the game you could imagine. Chinese publisher Tencent made the trailer which follows multiple players throughout their lives in a PUBG match, all in live action. Each player plots their route, drops from the plane, and chaos ensues as everyone scrambles for weapons and their lives.

Each actor is wearing actual outfits found in the game and sets look like they were ripped out of it as well, taking place in houses and locations everyone who played the game would recognize. The greatest part of the trailer was probably when one player was forced to run through the bombing zone, drinking an energy drink to boost himself, all while wearing the iconic outfit from the game with the level three helmet. That or the pan saving the other guy’s life, that was pretty good too.


I think it’s safe to say that there is at least some consideration in making either a live action movie or series for PUBG now after many have seen the PUBG Chinese live action trailer. It doesn’t look bad either. In fact, it looks like it could be really interesting, especially as a series.

Some fans of the series are complaining and have concerns over whether a PUBG series or movie would even be necessary seeing as how PUBG is already based on a novel, Battle Royale. I’m sure if a series or movie were to be made, it would be different enough and worth making. The popularity of the game would ensure a lot of support and after PUBG’s massive success on both PC and Xbox One, more people definitely know the name PUBG than Battle Royale.

PUBG is available for purchase now, from amazon.

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