Injustice 2 Introduces TMNT Brothers And Enchantress

TMNT and Enchantress

The upcoming Fighter Pack 3 is not only adding the Atom that was previously annouced but the Enchantress and four brothers from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles. The upcoming DLC will also come to those that have purchased the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2.

DLC Fighter Pack 3 Characters

Within the reveal trailer it shows Atom and Enchantress starting to fight. They are then joined by Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. While the CGI cutscene and fight look outstanding, we do not know how the turtles will fight in game. This is also the first time we have seen the four brothers back in a fighting game in a long time.

It is unknown when this Fighter Pack will be release. It is said to be playable for early access in the beginning of December. This pack follows from the previous addition of Hellboy, Raiden and Black Manta, in DLC Fighter Pack two. It is likely that the turles may also be in a seperate pack. This is because NetherRealms does not add six characters in a DLC package.

This is the first time that the turtles will be fighting with Batman and the DC crew in a game. Injustice 2 will be playable on PC on November 14th with its open beta kicked off earlier this week on Steam.