EVO 2018 Game Lineup Revealed, One Game Clearly Absent

EVO Tournament Series
EVO Tournament Series

The EVO 2018 game lineup has just been announced and there is one game that is clearly absent. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has been left out of the EVO series. This is the first time that a Marvel vs. Capcom game has not been at EVO ever, since the very first EVO.

Capcom’s recent attempts at fighting games have not gone very well, despite the developer clearly having been dominant in the genre and paving the way for fighting games with their innovative advancements as well as creative ideas for games. Street Fighter V has struggled since it’s launch as an eSports focused title with little to no single player content. It has since seen a bit of a resurgence with the major content update that came with the Arcade Edition but the damage has been done.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has struggled even more so. The game itself is not bad, in fact, the gameplay is very good. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has the some of the best fighting mechanics and gameplay I’ve ever experienced in a fighting game. Unfortunately, the other aspects of the game did not receive the same level of quality. Presentation and art style in the game are questionable and drive many away before they can experience the great gameplay. Most fans are driven away by the roster choices and are upset by the fact that many characters are reused and recycled from the previous entry in the series. Also, many fan favorite characters did not return due to legal issues regarding the X-Men and Fantastic Four on the Marvel side.

Hopefully, Capcom will take notice of the fact that the EVO 2018 game lineup did not include Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite so they can understand there is something wrong with the way they approached this game.

Most of the games in the EVO 2018 game lineup are available for purchase now from amazon, so if you’re interested, you can pick them up and start practicing for the tournament.

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