Zelda: Breath Of The Wild First DLC Pack

Nintendo has finally announced the details for Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack that is coming soon this year. This is the first ever DLC on a proper main Legend of Zelda title to appear and Nintendo is bringing some nice touches to these extra add-ons to the newest game in the series.


The DLC named “The Master Trials”, adds a few different details that many fans will love including the Trial of the Sword, brand new equipment, a highly requested Hard Mode and some extra things on the side. There’s also a new update which includes nine new audio languages, making it possible to listen to the voices in Japanese, English, German and Spanish to name a few.


Trial of the Sword is a challenge of sorts, much like the Cave of Ordeals from Twilight Princess and other installments of Zelda, you have to go to a certain site in the game where you have to battle wave after wave of enemies. Within this trial there are forty-five rooms in a row where you’ll not have your equipment (no armour or weapons) and at the end of the waves the Master Sword becomes much stronger, meaning that it will forever staying in the glowing godly level of power.


Hard Mode brings a challenge and difficulty that players and veterans that want something on a punishing level. It brings up the ranks of enemies through the land of Hyrule meaning that each enemy will go up a level, appear harder in different ways and also appear more than what they did in the normal playthrough of the game. Enemies will also be able to slowly recover health and be able to see Link better than before.

Interestingly there will be an added feature to the Map called the Hero’s Path which will highlight in a bright green colour, all the places you have walked Hyrule in the last two-hundred hours of playtime. It also narrows down the places you haven’t been to and also adds a slider to properly track your footsteps. There’s also an added Travel Medallion, that is basically a quick fast travel point for players.



For the final touches in the new DLC, the armor and equipment. These pieces are amazing additions that will have fans rejoicing. Everything includes Midna’s Helmet, Tingle’s whole outfit from pants to headpiece, Phantom armour, the Korok Mask and even Majora’s Mask. The Korok mask is special in that it’ll make finding the Korok seeds easier to find for players.


That wraps everything up for the first pack of DLC. It costs around $30 in Australia, $33 for New Zealand, $17.99 in the UK, 19.99 for the U.S., for other countries it’s best to look up on your Nintendo Switch console or Nintendo website. The DLC is to come out later this year.

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