The legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Review

With Nintendo showing off more of the Switch the other day, obviously, they also needed to show off the new Zelda for it as well.

I decided to go back to my first Zelda game (a link to the past) that I got with my GBA on my seventh birthday, along with Rayman Advance (which I had no one to play with ….)

The legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Review
The legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Review

So apparently this new game is meant to be the best game in the Zelda series, which I think is minuscule in comparison to the Zelda CDI games or Links crossbow training (that was sarcasm, I only got crossbow training because it came with my Wii and the CDI’s are terrible)

So like most Zelda adventures you have to save Zelda and deliver random stuff, mainly because there are only 4 bottles in the whole of the Zelda universe that you need if you want a chance of surviving.


So you need to do the useless thing of gathering the three amulet things, get the master sword go into dungeons, break pots, hit chickens and along the way completely forget about your quest.

The game-play is probably best on the handholds, but I can imagine playing this on the SENS, even though that was a bit before my time.

I played mine on my 3DS and it worked just as good if not better than on the Nintendo. Well apart from whenever I used the wand to use a fireball protection thing, that caused my game to lag, but even that was minimal.

The combat was pretty good, and after you get the master sword you can fire out a beam attack when you have full health, which I found a bit silly considering you have quite a bit of health by the end of the game.

So, in the end, I had to find a fairy, backtrack a lot and you use most of your items throughout the game, but the items in A link to the past are useful, my favorite being the pegasus boots.

All in all, I had fun with this game, and I also finished it with 100% completion, but with no real accomplishments besides bragging rights of course.

And in the end, pimping out Link like a boss was awesome.

I give this game a  90/100

Now hopefully Breath of the Wild still comes to the Wii u soon.

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