Overwatch Patch Update 2.05 Hero Updates, Map Updates and Game Browser

With the recent update patch 2.05 to Overwatch there comes a few changes that players will enjoy overall to characters, maps and game-play wise.


First let’s get into the main part that players will be more interested in and notice when getting straight in the game, the characters. The defense character, Bastion, gets the biggest change overall for this patch and season, making him feel like a whole new character. His Sentry configuration has become faster by .5 seconds, while his bullet spread has increased by 50 percent. Not only that but his spread is at maximum meaning no waiting for the increase. His magazine size has also increased from 200 to 300 but no longer deals critical damage though there’s no need to worry for head shots now.


His Recon configuration has had a decrease in bullet spread but has had his magazine size increase. Now this part is what makes Bastion even scarier has he can now possibly last longer and take hits as he can use his Self-Repair while moving and not be interrupted when taken damage although there is a resource meter similar to D.Va’s. There is another small nerf but it isn’t much, just that his Tank configuration no longer grants any bonus armour to him.


Other changes to characters include Mercy who when uses her Resurrect ultimate becomes temporarily invulnerable alongside the heroes she’s reviving with her ult and has better targeting options when using Guardian Angel and Bean Sensitivity. D.Va’s Defense Matrix changes in that enemies’ shots no longer have to travel a minimum distance before they can be blocked. Roadhog and Winston have also faced a few changes to their fighting mechanics. Roadhog now has a 20 percent decrease in his Scrap Gun spread while his Chain Hook targets are now pulled to a location 2 meters instead of the previous 3.5 meters. Winston has his critical hit volume reduced by up to 15 percent now.eich9x

Even map balance changes are happening to help players during matches. First of all, the Re-spawn Delay during Assault, Escort or blended maps, the defending side of match will have a slow increase time in value until it reaches a limit so that it isn’t completely one sided during the last parts of the game. Secondly, Eichenwalde’s second gate no longer closes when player passes that particular point compared to the doors normally closing. Now that will all remain is just rubble in the doorway.


Now for the major component that was added to the update in the game modes is the Game Browser! The Game Browser is part of the Custom Game mode which allows players to create their own type of fight including things like reload time on weapons, what kind of characters are playable and how many of the one character. You can even toggle between friends or invite only or even the best part to the whole public.

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