New Resident Evil 7 DLC Staring Chris Redfield Returning This March

So just over a month from the release of Capcom’s newest instalment into their major series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, have announced some great new details. The games newest DLC titled “Not A Hero” is scheduled for March this year and thankfully for free as well. This is the third DLC pack produced for the company’s latest video game after the releases of their previous downloadable content, Banned Footage Vol. 1 (“Nightmare” and “Bedroom”) in January, and Banned Footage Vol. 2 (“21” and “Daughters”).

It’s a story chapter which has the player control everyone’s favourite character from the first game and from its multiple sequels and spin-offs, Chris Redfield. When finishing the game and hanging around afterwards of completing the game and watching the credits, you will see that someone called ‘Redfield’. This cameo is shrouded in mystery given the context of his character and background.



After all the rumours and theories from fans, Chris Redfield was confirmed in a tweet by the official Resident Evil Twitter account that he will return but currently it’s not clear what his real role is or what or who he’s after in this new story. From all the previous games that he’s in and also his position from the prior game, it is difficult to tell what his mission is and what side he’s on. Fans have also been quite surprisingly mixed especially on his appearance and character design.


Hopefully we can get a couple more details before the release but until then we will have to wait and only guess what could happen. How this associate into the major storyline will be interesting to find out this coming month when the DLC arrives. I’m sure fans will be super excited to get back into playing this new game with an old character that is loved.

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