New Information For FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 has been known to be coming to the Nintendo Switch for a while now since the announced of the console itself with the press conference they held showcasing off many games coming out. Now we finally have new information.

It mostly seems that it will run just like any other version on different consoles. Although there are some key differences for the Nintendo Switch console variation. First off the game won’t be on the same engine like the other consoles and will also not include the campaign story mode “The Journey 2”. Those details are not much to worry about except for the campaign which is a letdown for Nintendo users but at least they can still play the key features of playing. Nintendo-Switch-FIFA-18-1200x650

The game will still include Ultimate Team, kick off mode, online seasons, career and the rest of what’s packed into FIFA 18. And if you want to talk about the graphics as well, EA themselves have stated that the game will run 1080p on the Switch when in docked into the TV and 720p when in handheld for traveling.


Players can also play in all of the different ways of Nintendo Switch’s controller modes with the joy-cons together or separately or even with the Pro Controller. The release date for the game is September 29 2017 for all systems.

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