New AFL Game Coming In 2017

It has finally been announced that AFL Evolution will be hitting our consoles in 2017, with some of the best players in the game having their photos taken for the game this week.

AFL Evolution will be available on all consoles with Tru Blu Entertainment and Wicked Witch Software, allowing fans to have access to the latest Aussie Rules football game installment since AFL Live in 2013.


It looks as if footy fans won’t have to wait long, as its set to be released in the early stages of the season.


AFL general manager of commercial operations Darren Birch knows that there is a demand from the AFL’s younger supporters to have a new game.

According to Birch, AFL Evolution will bring fans a unique experience, taking them to the heart of all the action.

Hopefully this time around it will be done slightly better than the last two, as AFL Live one and two, had its fair share of critics. Despite the critics, this should be a must buy game, especially if you are an AFL fan and a sports gamer in 2017.

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