Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo Switch

The highly acclaimed video game, Monster Hunter by Capcom is making its way finally to the Nintendo Switch console. Capcom’s RPG is famous around the world but especially in Japan making this announcing a huge hit to make Nintendo’s jump in their market value.Box_Art-MHXX_3DS

Monster Hunter XX is going to be a ported expansion from the Nintendo 3DS’ game of the similar name earlier this year, which is called Monster Hunter Generations in the west. The portability of the game on the 3DS was a huge hit for the series so fans are loving that it’s coming to the Switch hybrid system making the game playable on the go and on TV.




It’s not known if the game is currently coming to the other countries but hopefully from what’s happened with the previous instalments and the hype that has risen from this broadcast that it’ll come. Nintendo has confirmed that there will be save transfer from the different systems as well as the ability to play with your friends and others on the Nintendo 3DS system.

A special Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter dock was shown to be release alongside the game. It’s also to be known that the Switch is region free meaning that you can port a Japanese copy of the game.

More information and specifics from Capcom and Nintendo will be announced later at E3 in June.


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