Mario + Rabbids Leaks, Details And Confirmation

A new Nintendo Switch game that was rumored to come out as been leaked, apparently from Discord with full art and name title.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a title to be released on the newest console, the Switch. The game has released the full artwork which is much clearer, from the developer Ubisoft. The first leak was originally just the cropped portion featuring a Rappid dressed as Princess Peach.



The game is set to feature characters from across both franchises of Mario and Raving Rabbits that work together and help each other out from what the full art shows. It’s said that this game will actually be weapons based with every character having a different and unique battle style. There’s obviously going to be a co-op play style which is common in Mario games with a 20 hour story mode.

Just like in the majority of Mario titles, there will be different environments to explore in the world with puzzles and trials. What’s more interesting is that this game is said that be more like Mario vs Donkey Kong in that you direct the characters around the various environments but an original character who is called Tuttorio.

This game is strange overall all and seems to have a real distinct personality. It’s even making already made characters with history pretty unique for this universe. Just look at what has been listed above for the Mario characters.


Mario’s newest game is set to release near the latter half of this year around August and September. More information is to be released at E3 in June.


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