BioWare E3 Reveals New IP Anthem

BioWare has announced a new IP at E3 this year at Electronic Arts Press Conference on the weekend and everyone is hyped. They have finally gave fans and press the name of the game which is called Anthem as well as a trailer.

Anthem is a sci-fi looking game with a mix of what draws on the wall from Attack on Titan and Game of Thrones. Although not much more information or details was released on its story and lore. The new IP hasn’t given out any new specifics for consoles or general release date besides some grumble here and there but it’s generally safe to assume it is going to play on the latest tech such as Xbox’s Scorpio and One as well as Sony and PC.



BioWare Edmonton is building and developing the game which has brought things like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Apparently they had to push it back to March 2018 for the fiscal year so it will be awhile to see more from this game.

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