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Fortnite Player Rides Guided Rockets Across The Entire Map

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Fortnite Player Rides Guided Rockets Across The Entire Map


Have you ever wanted to scope the playing field before starting to take on the enemy in Fortnite? Well, it now looks as if you can and YouTuber NoahJ456 has shown us exactly how to do it.

In the video below, this Fortnite player rides his own Guided Rockets and then figured out that he can hopscotch between them. It was only a matter of time before he decided that this was more interesting than the game itself, which happens quite a bit in games and continued to do this for as long as possible.

Guided Rockets

Guided Rockets

As it turns out, this is a great form of transportation, as long as you get it right that is. Remember, you have to shoot these out and leap from them at precisely the right time, as they will explode. There were a couple of close calls but Noah managed to get to where we wanted to go safely. You can check out the full video of Noah’s incredible efforts in the video below.

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