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Fairy Tail Creator Reveals New Characters Of His New Manga Series.

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Fairy Tail Creator Reveals New Characters Of His New Manga Series.


Though Fairy Tail ended its run in 2017, Hiro still isn’t finished yet. Just a few days ago he announced that Fairy Tail would get a new sequel and a spin-off. Also, Hiro new manga based on a totally different story is coming this June. So a lot of reading materials are coming for Hiro’s fans which will surely keep them busy.

Mashima is very busy these days hinting his fans about his new work. Recently Kodansha Comics and Hiro took a step further and teased fans with new rough sketches of new characters from his new manga series.

Sketches Of New Characters:

This looks a bit similar to Lucy of Fairy Tail

This looks a bit similar to Lucy of Fairy Tail: Kodansha Comics

The first picture is a rough sketch of probably the lead female character in his new work. This young girl kind of look a lot similar to Lucy but a bit more mild than her.

Natsu Of New Series

Natsu Of New Series: Kodansha Comics

The second picture seems like the rough sketch of the lead male character, and he looks just like Natsu with same aggressive energy. Now, it seems the new series will also have the same kind of girl-boy combination just like his previous works. This also means even though fan favorite Fairy Tail is over still fans can enjoy the same essence in form of Hiro’s new work.

Kodansha Comics

Kodansha Comics

Anything apart from this is not known about the manga yet. The only thing we know that his new manga will be based on a new fantasy story which Hiro announced himself. But, since the series will include Plue, Fans wonder whether or not Fairy Tail has anything to do with this new manga. Since Plue is from Rave Master we can conclude that the new series will also feature an environment similar to that of Fairy Tail or Rave Master.

Fairy Tail:

It is series which follows the magical adventure of a boy named Natsu Dragneel. The story centers around a world full of magic. Hiro Mashima is the original creator of the series. Weekly Shōnen Magazine began its serialization from August 2, 2006, to July 26, 2017.

This is a story of Natsu Dragneel a wizard who lives in a fantasy world where wizards together coalesce into guilds. Natsu is affiliated with the Fairy Tail guild. He is a fire dragon slayer wizard who was raised the king of fire dragons, Igneel. He along with his friends from the guild carries on their daily adventures to make Fairy Tail the number one guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. As of February 2017, Fairy Tail has 60 million copies in print.

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