Adidas Leak Reveals Dragon Ball Z Shoe Line starting with Villains

Adidas Dragon Ball Z Shoes
Adidas Dragon Ball Z Shoes

Recent leaks have revealed that Adidas is releasing a new shoe line in 2018 featuring designs based on popular Dragon Ball Z characters. The first three designs have already been shown and are based on the three main villains from the series, Frieza, Cell, and Majiin Buu. Twitter user Seraphy leaked images of the new shoe designs as well as their release dates.

The Frieza shoe is coming in August, Cell in October, and Majiin Buu in November. It is to be noted that these are only the first three designs out of eight that are coming. The remaining characters they are based on are rumored to be Mr. Popo, Yajirobe, Tien, and Hercule with one still unaccounted for. Hopefully we’ll see a design based on either Goku or Vegeta as the fans would love it and the shoe would definitely sell.

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