Will Frieza Ever Learn Ultra Instinct? 

Frieza Ultra Insticnt

Goku’s latest transformation in Ultra Instinct has had all Dragon Ball Super fans talking for some time now, especially after the second time we saw it.

The form seems to be the ultimate transformation for the Gods with Beerus being the only other known user.

In addition, most of the talk about the form has been around when Goku will master it and when Vegeta will learn it as well.


However, most fans are forgetting about an incredibly powerful Universe 7 teammate who could also learn how to use Ultra Instinct.


I’m talking about Frieza, the once again revived space tyrant, who Goku promised he would bring back to life permanently if Frieza cooperated with them.

We haven’t seen too much from Frieza in the Tournament of Power just yet but we do know that he has mastered his Golden form. Remember, Frieza’s race is naturally incredibly powerful and normally has no need to train.

However, when Frieza did decide to train, he was able to access a power that rivaled the strength of a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in just under 3 months.

Now imagine if Frieza trained some more. It probably won’t happen during the Tournament of Power, as there is no real place to train.

Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza

However, if Goku was to bring Frieza back to life after the Tournament of Power like he promised, then it’s possible for Frieza to train further and possibly learn Ultra Instinct.

If that was to happen then it could make as an interesting story for whatever arc comes after the Tournament of Power.

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