What Is Gohan Hiding In The Tournament of Power? 

Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan

Once Gohan was considered the strongest Saiyan to ever live, surpassing everyone after defeating Cell and again at the end of the Buu saga.

However, since then Gohan hasn’t been seen doing much, losing most of his powers in Dragon Ball Super and becoming quite weak.

Although, Gohan has regained his powers just before Tournament of Power, which saw him become the strongest non-fused fighter at the end of the Buu saga.

The only thing is that his Ultimate Form has long been surpassed by Goku and Vegeta, as well as several other fighters from rival universes.

This is the power granted to Gohan by the Elder Kai, who was once sealed in the Z-Sword by Beerus.

Mystic Gohan
Mystic Gohan

But what’s strange to me is that the Universe 7 God of Destruction feared this power and that’s why he sealed the Elder Kai away.

Although, Beerus has no problem with Whis training Vegeta and Goku in the arts of what it takes to become a God of Destruction.

Already, Goku and Vegeta have unlocked god ki and one of them Ultra Instinct, yet it was the Elder Kai’s power he feared.

To me this indicates that Gohan hasn’t actually unlocked all of this forms power, meaning just like Super Saiyan God has further levels, Gohan’s Mystic powers might as well.

If so then it will justify Beerus’ fear of this power, especially with it being in the hands of someone like Gohan, who even Vegeta admits has more talent than any other Saiyan he has met.

In reality, the Kai’s shouldn’t be that much weaker than the Gods of Destructions, it’s just in their peaceful nature to stop training.

Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan

They have the same ranking as them, yet they are significantly weaker than their fellow universe guardians.

I feel as if Gohan will unlock something new in the Tournament of Power, as he is more of a Kai in comparison to the others, who are more like God’s of Destructions.

In addition, every Saiyan and every Universe 7 fighter who is competing in the Tournament of Power has received some form of powers up or new transformation, which should mean that Gohan will also unlock something soon.

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