Dragon Ball Super Episode’s 117 – 119 Spoilers: A Universe 7 Fighter Falls

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, 118, 119
Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, 118, 119

Animedia has just released the titles and a quick summary of what we can expect from episodes 117 to 119 of Dragon Ball Super.

For the moment, we have seen Goku unlock his Ultra Instinct form again against Kefla, with him now being expected to win easily against the Universe 6 fused Saiyan.

Episode 117: Grand Love Showdown! Androids vs Universe 2. 


This means that in episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super, we will see Universe 2 attack Goku, as he is exhausted after using Ultra Instinct again.

However, his robotic teammates in Androids 17 and 18 will step in, taking on Ribrianne and the rest of her group.

Goku needs to recover again, with this form draining a great deal of his stamina as well as the fact that he hasn’t recovered completely before fighting the Universe 6 Saiyans in the first place.

Episode 118: Accelerating Drama! A Universe Disappears!

Zeno's Erasing A universe
Zeno’s Erasing A universe

Animedia hasn’t given us a summary just yet but the title that they have provided us gives us enough information to say that another universe will be erased.

Who will it be? Well, due to the low number of fighters Universe’s 2 and 6 have, it’s believed that it will be one of them.

If Goku does defeat Kefla and eliminates them then that means that Universe 6’s Namekian’s are all that’s left.

Also, Gohan and Piccolo are currently fighting them, which means that the Namekian’s could drop out soon too.

Although, it could also be Universe 2 who drop out, as Ribrianne is their strongest fighter and she is fighting the Universe 7 Androids.

If Ribrianne was to be eliminated then the rest fo her universe should too soon fall, however, we believe that it will be Universe 6 that are the ones to be eliminated.

Especially if we assume Goku knocked out Kale and Caulifla, with their two Namekian’s, who are having a tough time with Gohan and Piccolo, being their only warriors left.

(Updated Spoilers for episode 118 below)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118: The Universe 6 Namekian’s Fuse

Episode 119: A new victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 gets serious. 

Android 18
Android 18

Universe 4 was quite feared in the lead-up to the Tournament of Power, however, haven’t done much since it started.

In this episode Universe 4 will start to make a serious impact, with another fighter from Universe 7 being knocked out.

We assume that this will be Android 18, as she is fighting Ribrianne injured along with her brother.

Goku too is quite beaten up but we doubt it will be him, while the others have shown no signs that they will be taken out. For the moment, all fingers are pointing to the injured Android 18.

We will continue to update these spoilers as we continue to get more information, so stay posted. 

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